Cruise ShipCruise Ship
Dodger is off on a cruise around the world with his best mate henrey, He`s thinking there should be plenty of hot and horny babes on a cruise ship and...
Christmas IIChristmas II
Well its Christmas time again and once again dodger is suffering from a lack of attention from the female kind... If only he could think of some way t...
Incredible ShrinkingIncredible Shrinking
Oh know dodger has had a shrinking spell put on him and been dumped on a desert island with loads of fit babes only problem is his pecker is now half...
The TodgerThe Todger
What could be more relaxing for henry a nice walk in the park with the dogs.. Oh wait here comes dodger and whats he doing.. oh my god henry run for y...
Cartoon Collection IIICartoon Collection III
Another collection of 9 great cartoons starring Dodger and henry and a host of hot babes hoping to try out the legendary dodgers todger.
The Tattoo ArtistThe Tattoo Artist
When betty was told she would feel a small prick she assumed it was an anesthetic before dodger started her tattoo, Unfortunately it wasn't that kind...
Pinocchio Gets WoodPinocchio Gets Wood
Pinocchio decides to show the blue fairy a massive piece of wood that she has never seen before and he doesn't need to fucking lie to make it grow!
Stress at Loch NessStress at Loch Ness
Very stressful holiday in loch ness for dodger and henry, They keep arguing over wether he exists or not then when they finally find him... You guesse...
Fistful of DollarsFistful of Dollars
Dodger takes a trip out to the wild west to make his fortune and teach some ladies how good old dodger is at pleasing them with his massive todger.
Snow DanSnow Dan
Snowdan gets the wrong end of the stick, It turns out that it was skiing lessons that the hot babes at the ski resort wanted.. Who knew!
Its a Snow GoIts a Snow Go
Prince charming is doing his best to satisfy snow white but after an hour of pumping away he still hasn't shot his load whats a girl to do?
Help the agedHelp the aged
Dodger is out to help the aged this week, He seems to have got it in his head that shagging an old grandma will improve their health so hes happy to o...
Sex Gangsters

Sex Gangsters
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