Jurassic LarkJurassic Lark
Henry and Dodger are back in Jurassic time period and henry seems to have had a little bit of bad luck with a T Rex, Can Dodger save the day?
Help the agedHelp the aged
Dodger is out to help the aged this week, He seems to have got it in his head that shagging an old grandma will improve their health so hes happy to o...
The Tattoo ArtistThe Tattoo Artist
When betty was told she would feel a small prick she assumed it was an anesthetic before dodger started her tattoo, Unfortunately it wasn't that kind...
Cartoon Collection ICartoon Collection I
Shagging a pig, Helping out a bored housewife and fucking a dead corpse in the hospital all in a days work for the dodger!
Divine InteventionDivine Intevention
Henry decides to teach the dodger a lesson and after a little devine intervention the dodger suddenly finds himself with a less than useful todger. Oh...
Bycycle ThiefBycycle Thief
Dodger gets himself in a spot of bother when his seat sniffing fetish gets him into all sorts of trouble, He knows now he should have listened to henr...
Todger and JulietTodger and Juliet
Dodger is up for a bit of romance thinking himself a bit of a romeo he embarks on his mission to get is todger firmly up Juliet.
Sexy Games TimeSexy Games Time
Dodger has just started his new job as on office junior and cant believe his luck when he cums across stacy photo copying more than her paperwork.
Tramp and the lampTramp and the lamp
Well now that's an interesting three wishes dodger is going for here, Personally I thought he might have gone for a little something like babes to sha...
Backwards ProgressBackwards Progress
Dodger not one to move with the times while everyone else around him as gradually got more civilized he`ll still fuck anything with a pulse.
Lucky MilkmanLucky Milkman
Bored housewife has got a treat for the milkman when he comes this morning He cant believe his luck when she pulls a milk bottle out of her pussy.
Lunchtime AlcoFrolicLunchtime AlcoFrolic
Dodgers been drinking at work again and the boss is not to impressed and says he will fire him if he does it again, Luckily the secretary has a great...
Sex Gangsters

Sex Gangsters
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